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A Stylish yet practical sleeve for glasses

Making things useful and artsy


When creating these unique cases for glasses, we try to incorporate three aspects: comfort, style and function. Time has been taken to evaluate and select optimum designs for each sleeve, keeping in mind the wants and needs of every consumer.


Made with durable yet practical materials, Something Like Art Eyewear Sleeves are stylish and remain easy to use. Our premium faux leather guarentees your glasses are out of harm's way, and our straps, availble in copper chain and leather, ensure your glasses are alongside you all day.


Our sleeve for glasses is almost available for purchase! Please register your email address with us and we will inform you when they are finally made and are in stock. Click here to Register

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Good design comes with understanding customer needs

We Create Unique & Stylish Products

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Below are basic prices of our products. We have four types of eyewear sleeves:

White eyewear sleeve


  • White eyewear sleeve
  • Copper chain strap
  • LED light in the back
  • Free Shipping

Bronze eyewear sleeve


  • Bronze eyewear sleeve
  • Brown leather strap
  • LED light in the back
  • Free Shipping

Our eyewear sleeves are not yet available for purchase. Please register on our contact page and you will be informed as soon as we will have them for sale. It's going to be very soon!

About the Company

A creative company turning ideas into beautiful things

People will stare. At least make it worth their while. - Harry Winston

Our goal here, at Something Like Art, is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We bring innovative, new designs to everyday items, further enhancing their look and appeal.

We comebine both function and style in all our products, meaning you get a good use out of them and you'll look great doing it. Why settle for a boring case, when you can have a Something Like Art Eyewear Sleeve?

Design is about making people happy; both aesthetically and functionally. A truely great product is impressive and expressive, and we accomplish just that.

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Our eyewear sleeves are not available for purchase yet. Please register and we will inform you when they will be in stock.